ZAK Engineered Timber Envelopes

23.02.22 Events

Veretec attended the Zak – Engineered Timber Envelopes presentation at Central Hall Westminster on 10th February.

Whilst the key focus was on the use of timber on facades, there was a wider discussion on timber in construction and the considerations of its use, not least in relation to fire regulations and meeting the needs of the insurance industry.

There is a very real need for timber to play a key part in the construction industries goal to become carbon neutral, as it offers immediate short term CO2 savings.


“Pushing timber envelopes through technological innovations and digital advancements”

The day was filled with inspiring presentations and discussions from different fields of the industry including: developer clients, insurers, Architects, Structural Engineers, Fire Consultants and Manufacturers.

The use of timber presents opportunities, but also challenges which we all need to overcome to clean up the industry.

As was evident in the presentations, those talking demonstrated how timber construction methods are already making headway and challenging dated construction practices to make way for a better healthier and more sustainable built environment.